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About us

We bring life...

Every morning, we aspire to make a new piece. A piece that will bring life to your space.

It all starts with why

Good furniture is hard to find. Amazing furniture at a good value is almost impossible.
We are here to bridge that gap.
The quality you deserve, the custom piece that fits your spirit, all wrapped in a standing out uniqueness is what differs Tektōn pieces from mass production furniture.

We were told we were crazy. We're glad we didn't listen...

In a small workshop in 2018, an architect and an engineer left their corporate jobs and started Tekton, pursuing their passion for design and quality. Facing the challenges of finding the right rough wood, mastering the treatment techniques, and perfecting the workmanship, finally, our first few pieces were out, and a change was made. In a few months, we made a great impact, our clients loved our products, many of them became friends, and we were able to start a new phase; Tektōn factory. 
Today we still dream our pieces would be sending beauty to every space they go to, and that they would speak out about our passion.

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